What is Black Futures Farm?

Black Futures Farm is a community farm, staffed by volunteers and two resident farmers. We sit on 1.15 acres with 17 different fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, medicinal and cooking herbs. Our farm is located on the grounds of the Learning Gardens Lab at 6745 SE 60th Street, Portland Oregon 97206.

We are a group of Black identified/Diasporic and Continental African people working together, growing food and community. Our aim is to implement the best methods of growing food, taking the best of what we can from our ancestral practices while being a part of innovation.

What do you grow?

We are a vegetable farm, so we have what you’d typically expect: Peas, Beans, Lettuce, Bok Choy, Greens, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Onions, Shallots, Corn, Radishes, Beets, Cucumbers, Melons, Squash, etc. This is our first year in operation so we don’t have any specialties yet. If there is something you’d like us to grow, please message us.

Is your produce Organic?

We don’t use any pesticides, chemicals, or gmo seeds. We cannot label our produce “organic,” that certification is a multi-year process.

How much is your CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)?

A full share is $448 for the entire 16 weeks.
A half share is $275 for the entire 16 weeks.
A super share is $720 for the entire 16 weeks.

Shares can be delivered for an additional fee of $80 or picked up biweekly at the farm.

You may use SNAP/EBT/Double Up Food Bucks to pay for your share.

Where are you located?

We are located on the grounds of the Learning Gardens Lab at 6745 SE 60th St, 97206.

How can I be involved?

There are a few ways you can be a part of Black Futures Farm.

  1. Join the CSA
  2. Sponsor a family/share
  3. Donate to support our work
  4. Come volunteer with us/Grow food

Is BFF hiring?

We are not hiring, as we are an almost all volunteer effort. We have two paid farmers and a small budget to pay helpers. This is our first year, and we have committed to becoming a member-owned cooperative . All people who work in our cooperative  will own shares which will entitle them to a portion of the profits. This structure is not yet set up.

What is your response to COVID19?

When we were organizing the farm, we’d committed to our CSA, a market stand and a Farmers Market. Going forward, with all the social distancing measures we made a decision to offer delivery in the Portland Metro Area. We’re using bicycles for deliveries within 2.5 miles of our farm. Outside of that 2.5 mile radius, all deliveries will be by our farmer delivery folks.

Why the name “Black Futures Farm” ?

We are Black people determined to be self sufficient, self reliant, cooperative, and prosperous - food sovereignty for Black people is a crucial step in that journey. We are using agriculture and farming to organize and grow community, because asserting control over our own food systems is a basic step in self determination.

We are also Futurists in that we are working to create a  world  where healthy, delicious food is accessible to everyone.

We love tech! The sensible, well integrated use of technolgy can make life easier. We geek out on tech and plants.

Who are your people?

We are a group of folks, working collectively as a program of the Black Food Sovereignty Coalition, to grow food. There’s a core group of us, and a large pool of volunteers.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver for a fee.

In times of Covid 19

We are all adjusting to this new way of being. We are implementing the most current guidance on safety from the CDC. This includes physical distancing at the farm and markets, a limited amount of people touching the produce, food handling certification for our farmers, gloves, masks and protective gear, wash and pack stations, and sanitation of all our produce.

We also offer delivery of our CSA shares as well as onsite pickup.

We will continue to implement all the prescribed measures to ensure our safety and yours.