Passing on Black Cultural Food Traditions to Future Generations


Learn a recipe tradition from a local Black \"Grandma\"


Share your cooking traditions with the next generation


Enjoy a meal featuring produce from local Black Farmers

Rockwood Community Cooking Demonstration & Dinner Event
Saturday, July 25
5:00 - 7:00 PM

Upcoming Grandma's Hands Events
July 25th    5:00 PM
August 15th    5:00 PM
September 19th    5:00 PM
October 17th    5:00 PM
November 21st    5:00 PM
December 19th    5:00 PM

Families will receive:


  • A complete family meal for the evening featuring produce from local Black farmers
  • A \"Featured Dish\" Kit: all the ingredients for preparing the featured dish of the evening
  • A stipend for participation and feedback
  • Resources: Family food activities, nutrition information, community resources

Live too far away to pick up an event food kit?


You can still join us in the spirit of community
Get the ingredients for the featured dish

July Featured Recipe Will Be Shared Soon

Join the Live Cooking Event in July to See How to Make the Dish


Register for the Upcoming Grandma's Hands Event

For more information about the Grandma's Hands program, contact Chuck Smith

503-502-2965 or